Join our lab!

As an undergraduate student…

We have several ongoing projects suitable for undergraduate research topics. Interest in or experience with either molecular biology or computational biology is a plus but certainly not a requirement.  Past undergraduate researchers have had a variety of academic majors including Oceanography, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biology, SAFS, and Applied and Computational Math Sciences.  Please contact me directly to talk about your interests.

As a graduate student…

See the instructions for applying graduate study in the School of Oceanography and at UW in general .

UW Oceanography no longer requires the GRE exam for graduate admissions. Note that waivers of the application fee are available for applicants with demonstrated need.

I also encourage you to contact me directly to discuss your interests and to apply for any and all of the following graduate student fellowships you may qualify for. (This is good advice no matter where you end up!)

As a post-doctoral research scientist…

There are currently no externally funded post-doc positions open, but there are multiple ongoing projects suitable for potential post-docs. I encourage you to explore some of the fellowship funding opportunities below, and am also open to collaborating on new proposals. Contact me directly to discuss your experience and interests.