Emily Nahas

BS/MS Biological Sciences. Stanford University (2005)
Masters Student, Biological Oceanography. UW (2006-Present)

Research Interests
I came to the Rocap lab by way of bacterial genetics and ecological physiology. I am particularly interested in the stress physiology of marine cyanobacteria and I am focusing on the most abundant marine cyanobacterial genus, ProchlorococcusProchlorococcus have evolved mechanisms of nutrient uptake and metabolism that allow them to thrive in the nutrient-poor conditions of oligotrophic oceans, yet the cellular physiology that permits such low nutrient requirements is not well understood. My work is focused on the high-light adapted strain MED4, isolated from the seasonally phosphorus-limited Mediterrean Sea.  In collaboration with Lisa Moore’s lab at the University of Southern Maine, we conducted phosphorus starvation experiments and long-term phosphorus limitation experiments to more fully understand the physiological response of MED4 to chronically phosphorus-depleted waters.