Former Undergraduates

Alex Low Yik Jin
Undergraduate Researcher 2002-2004
Project: Comparative genomics of Prochlorococcus
B.S. Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences, 2004
Presently working for Weimar Trading, Singapore
Andrea Kunkle
Ben Johnson
Undergraduate Researcher 2005-2006 (Awarded Oceans and Human Health REU fellowship)
Project: Viruses infecting the diatom Pseudo-nitzschia
B.S. Oceanography, 2006
Presently research scientist, UW Pathology
Biswajit Paul
Undergraduate Researcher 2004-2005
Awarded Mary Gates Research Scholarship
Project: Phosphorus stress in Prochlorococcus
B.S. Biology (Molecular, Cellular, and Development), 2007
Diana Haring
I am working under Gabrielle Rocap and Michele Wrabel studying phytoplankton community structure. I have been identifying phytoplankton using microscopy. I have studied samples from the Benguela Current and will be using a method of genetic fingerprinting (ARISA) for additional identifications.
Hannah Hook
Undergraduate Researcher 2002-2004
Project: Diversity of Synechococcus in Puget Sound
B.S. Biology (Physiology), 2006
Karen Peterson
Undergraduate Researcher 2004-2005
Project: Diversity of Synechococcus in the Salish Sea
B.S. Microbiology, 2005 Presently in graduate school at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Kyle Frischkorn
I am currently attempting to use new strains of Pseudo-nitzschia as hosts during virus isolation experiments. I am also working with Michael to characterize a Pseudo-nitzschia multiseries specific virus.
Matt Hays
Nicolette Donohue
I began working with Michael in the fall of 2011. I’m interested in isolating and characterizing new viruses that infect the diatom Pseudo-nitzschia, and seeing how these viruses affect Pseudo-nitzschia communities in the field.
Terence Leach
My current project is sequencing genes from Pseudo-nitzschia species and trying to reconstruct their evolutionary relationships.
Zachary Thomson
I am working under Gabrielle Rocap and Emily Nahas doing qPCR work on marine cyanobacteria, specifically Synechococcus. Just got done with a month long research cruise in the Northern Pacific collecting samples to quantify ecotypes of Synechoccocus in the upper 200 meters.