Yuliana Romo-Perez

Yuliana Romo-Perez checking on her cultures in the lab

I am majoring in Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology and minoring in Diversity. My main interest in oceanography is marine viruses. My first research project focused on investigating the effect of temperature on the infectivity of PmDNA virus on two strains of the diatom T. pseudonana. Studying the factors such as temperature that influence host-viral interactions is important for understanding how viral infection can manipulate phytoplankton populations and therefore impact the biogeochemical cycles of the Earth. Currently, I am studying the terminase gene, which is responsible for packaging DNA in bacteriophages, and searching it in the Eastern Tropical North Pacific and Hood Canal metagenomes.

Undergraduate student, University of Washington, 2019-Present
Green River College, 2017 – 2019
Auburn Riverside High School 2015 – 2019